Hang Gliding

I am sitting in my hometown coffee shop with this great desire to understand life, God, and even myself, more. There are people all around me and I wonder if they have it all together or if they are searching for the same things?

Right now, I’m itching to write. I don’t really know why… it’s never been something I would consider my gifting. For some reason though, the Lord has given me a spirit to write and use the things He teaches me, for His glory.

Why do we think we should keep things to ourselves? There are so many people, so many problems, and so many blessings in this world. What makes us think that people don’t want to listen? Well, I have to admit,  there IS a part of me that wonders if anyone except my family will ever read what I’m writing but I feel the Lord prompting me. So, I’m gonna take a step out there.

Ladies, I know our hearts are full of questions, beauty, and creativity. My hope is that this little space on the Internet will be a place that challenges us to explore the world and God more. I believe that He wants to take us for wild rides but we have to hop on the jet, boat, car, train… whatever you see it in your head to be. If it means anything, I hear the Lord saying, “Hey Ash, hop on this hang glider and go on the ride of your life with ME!”

This blog will be filled with my little adventures and stories. These are the things the Lord is constantly teaching me and the challenges He throws before me to make me stronger and draw me closer to Himself.

I really hope you enjoy it and are blessed. Let our journeys begin.



3 thoughts on “Hang Gliding

  1. Amazing! How quick we forget that our reason for being is reaching people with the Word of Our Lord and the plan of Salvation through Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank you! Being meaningful and beautiful is when are living the life Christ sacrificed by dying on the cross. Nana is thankful for you for knowing you! Live together in Christ.

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