To be honest, I am not the best at sharing my thoughts with confidence. But my heart is to be transparent with you all.

I believe that the Lord has given us each a voice, a story, and a place to say it. I am still trying to figure out where that is but for right now, it’s here.

I am 22. I am living in DC. I am single. I am passionate about church ministry and orphan care. I am crazy about my family. I am jobless, come August.  I am looking to get my Masters. I am sometimes fearful. I am sometimes insecure. I am a reader. I am crafter and creator. I am a coffee drinker. I am a traveler.

These are all the things I think, “I am”. And to be honest, there are some things on this list that overwhelm me (a lot). Some of these things make me doubt my significance-but that thought right there, is a total lie.

I was so blessed the other day talking to one of my best friends. She has walked with me a short time but a very important time in my life. The Lord spoke so clearly through her, reminding that my SIGNIFICANCE, in no way comes from the things I do or don’t do.

It comes from someone else.

ALL of it, goes back to how I view God. Did I do anything to earn the grace He gave me? The answer to that question is… no, not at all. He gave it to me out of His great and unexplainable love!

I sometimes live as if I have to earn my salvation. Yes, I should be living as if I have been given forgiveness and salvation but I should not have the view that I need to earn it or earn God’s love in any way. It’s a gift, already given!

How I view God and His grace, trickles into every area of my being. It causes me to look at my value in a completely different way. It causes me to rethink the idea that I can even begin to do something to earn significance in this life.

Do we think that we need to be changing the world, have the perfect family, a diamond ring on our left finger, the perfect body, or be a woman that can “do it all”? This is the challenge we fight against every day. We fight against this need to earn our significance and our meaning when in reality, we ALREADY HAVE IT.

It was given to us when God graciously gave us His son, JESUS.

My prayer is that we would walk with the attitude and knowledge that we are chosen and wanted by our Father and that any significance and meaning we have in this life, has already been given to us, not by our doing.


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