It is a family tradition to spend the week of my Grandaddy and Uncle Kevin’s Birthdays at the beach with our entire family. This is the one time a year that we cram all the babies, kids, dogs, suitcases, games, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins under one roof! Whoo…. it is one crazy time but memories I will remember for the rest my life!

If you know me well, you would know that my family is incredibly important to me. They have played a huge role in molding my life and have impacted me in huge ways. As we celebrated my Grandaddy’s birthday, it made me think a lot of my grandparents and the legacy they have left. Not only for me their grandchild, but for everyone they have ever known!

They are givers to the core and show so much love to everyone that walks into their home. I am thankful for their lives and that the Lord has placed me in a family with two people that have continually shown me grace, support, forgiveness, and love.

In honor of them, here are some important truths I have learned-

  •  You can’t take anything with you so be gracious in giving.
  • It doesn’t matter what you do, you can ALWAYS come home.
  • Family is a safe place.
  • We are blessed to live in the US. Famous words of my Grandaddy, “what a country”.
  • Think ahead and prepare for your future.
  • Memories are really the only things that matter.
  • Don’t take any moment for granted. Push through the hard times and live life!

I hope they know how grateful I am for the lives they live, the path they have laid out for me, and for the many blessings they have given me.

In looking ahead to my future, I want to live a life like my grandparents. I want to love unconditionally, pray hard for my kids and grandkids, be someone they can be proud of, lay out a path of faith for them, and an avenue for them to succeed.

THANK YOU Nana and Grandaddy for loving me and for supporting me all these years. You mean the world to me!!     



4 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. What can we say? We are humbled by your words. We love you so very very much and thank Our God for you everyday. You have helped us grow in the Lord by sharing your faith and love for Christ. Thank you dear granddaughter. Love together in Christ. Nana and grandaddy.

  2. What a glorious day it will be when we all get to heaven and you have the chance to meet the legacy that brought Nana and Grandaddy to the place they are. Our families are so rich in spirit, I am often overwhelmed at the grace He has bestowed on us. They are indeed a special part of all our lives! Thanks Ash, for your words and thoughts.

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