Decisions, decisions, decisions…

There is something in me that hates the word.

I have never been the best at making confident decisions.

I always wonder if the decision I am making is right or wrong. I guess everyone feels this way (hopefully).

So… how do you make the “right” decision?

Should I take this  job or that job, should I attend this school or that school,  should I date this guy or that guy?

The questions go on and on and on…. I love the opportunity but hate that the final decision is left on me.

Is that thought really true though? Am I really in control as much as I think?  Probably not.

Do you think the Lord says, “Ok, it’s your decision. I’m not going to lead you and I surely won’t be with you if you make the wrong choice.”

Absolutely not.

The Lord says that He goes before us. There is no where I can go, nothing I can do, no impression I can make, or decision I come to terms with that is outside my God’s control.

I have to remember, that when making a decision, maybe both choices are right. That’s the beauty in it.  However, each choice we make will affect our lives in a different way or lead us down a different path.

God gives us the information we need and the wisdom to decide. So walk in that.

Walk with the knowledge that He walks with you through the decision, and after it.





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