I am learning…

I’ve had a lot of writers block the past few weeks. I don’t know why… I don’t feel like my life has been uneventful or that I am not learning new things from the Lord but I have lacked a little motivation in writing it down.

Recently, I moved from DC back to Maryland to pursue my Masters in Social Work. Honestly, I have never loved school more but I am still adjusting to living back in my hometown and nannying every day of the week.

I love so many parts of my job, living back home, and this new adventure that I am starting but I would be lying if I said it was all super easy!

I don’t know where the Lord has you or the stage of life you are in but I can tell you this about myself and hopefully it translates a little into your life.

I’m learning to…

enjoy that cup of coffee in the morning a little more.

take advantage of the rest some days offer.

learn everything I can.

get to know that lady playing with her kid on the playground. I don’t know how God can use me in her life and maybe she can even bless me in some way.

cherish the time I have living at home with my parents because chances are, it won’t happen ever again.

be content.

be understanding and outdo others in doing good.

don’t let bitterness or envy stir in my heart.

God never promised that every stage of life would be easy or understandable but He did promise His faithfulness and that He would never leave us.

Remember that. Cling to that truth. Even when it’s really hard to believe.


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