Shout it

This past Saturday was the annual Run For Their Lives race.

Freedom 4/24 works to end sex slavery, bring awareness to it, and work with the girls impacted. They host this race each year to raise money for the cause. 

I am not a big runner… I don’t necessarily enjoy it and I can always come up with at least one excuse why not to do it.

Regardless of how I felt about running on Saturday, the truth is that there are way too many girls held captive in the sex industry for me not to.

These girls, are told lie after lie, mistreated emotionally and physically, and taken away from the life the Lord has created them for. My heart aches for these girls…

Be thankful for your freedom but NEVER stop fighting for justice.

Run. Walk. Preach. Write. Sing. Inspire. Create.

Do whatever you do with passion and with purpose. Shout it from the rooftops.

Check it out:



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