Do you remember a few months ago when I asked if God ever whispered important truths to you? I then told you of how the Lord sometimes does this for me… He knows my heart well.   Patience is a big thing for me… I occasionally lack patience with people, in traffic, for food to […]

Life through my iphone

Life has been so joyous and refreshing lately… don’t you love seasons like that? I am thankful for the many doors the Lord is opening, the new friends in my life, and for His constant provision over me. Navy football game with new friends + a fun time in Knoxville, TN with my great friend […]

Something I know

Can I share a little bit of my heart with you? A little bit of what I am being challenged/reminded of constantly? It’s something that I know. But it’s a truth that I should tattoo under my eyelids. God is FAITHFUL There is a song that stirs my heart every time I hear it… It […]

Life caught on iphone

If you were my camera… you would probably tell me to find my charger so I can stop capturing life through my iphone. Let’s just say that I have a little problem with misplacing things. Even though these moments weren’t caught by a fancy camera, I am thankful for them. They show the place where I […]

Shout it

This past Saturday was the annual Run For Their Lives race. Freedom 4/24 works to end sex slavery, bring awareness to it, and work with the girls impacted. They host this race each year to raise money for the cause.  I am not a big runner… I don’t necessarily enjoy it and I can always […]


Does the Lord ever whisper in your ear? There have been times that I desperately searched for His voice but didn’t hear it. Or maybe I just didn’t want to hear what He had to say… But there have also been times when I have been at the end of myself and He has spoken […]

Take me home country roads

I have been meaning to post some of these pictures from the little trip to West Virginia my family took. We go to WV every year for a family reunion but it’s always fun to see my family explore this small country town. This is the sign for the motel my great-grandparents would stay in […]